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About Lucy

Equipped with years of styling experience and a keen understanding of her client's needs, Lucia is able to create the quintessential, flawless look with any variety of her extension techniques: Fusion, Micro Links, European or Brazilian Style. Using only the finest quality, luxury hair, she is able to guarantee her clients lasting and natural-looking results for months on end. 


Born in the Dominican Republic, Lucy discovered her passion for cosmetology at the age of 19. Upon moving to New York City, she continued to refine her skills at a local salon in Queens. This experience groomed her skills and gave her a lasting reputation which has kept Lucy’s business going strong. Now, after more then 15 years of running her own business, she has truly become a master of her trade! Her passion for beauty and quality come together to form beautiful results on each and every client, regardless of hair type. 


See the results for yourself and set up a free-consultation today!

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