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What types of hair can Fusion, Micro Links, European or Brazilian Style techniques be applied to?

My extensions attach to ANY hair type, whether it be short, long, straight, curly, unmanageable and course hair, or thin and stringy.



How long will the hair entensions last?

The extensions are guaranteed to last at least for 5 months.




How many ounces of hair are needed?

Depending on what areas of your hair you want to enhance, the number of packs may vary. For thick layers, you may require 4-5 oz. For full head coverage, you will need 6-7 oz.




How do I remove the extensions?

Removing the extensions can be a difficult task for someone that is inexperience so I recommend that it should be done professionally. I can remove the extensions with excellent care and precision.



Where are you located?

I am located in Astoria, Queens, close to the Broadway stop off the N and W Trains .




What is the price range for your hair extensions?

The price range of hair extensions varies and depends on the amount of hair need for length, volume and stlye. My hair extensions are usually priced from $150-$500 for just the installation and $200-$800 with human hair included. When you contact me or come in for a free consultation I will go over these factors with you and try to work within your budget.




Why should I do my hair extensions with you?

I am great at what I do! There are many stlylist that are not professional and do not offer the same high quality service as I do. I have fixed countless number of extensions for people who thought they were getting a deal on hair extensions, only to have their hair ruined. With me you can rest assured of having a professional do your extensions with quality service at the very best price!






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